Government Degree College Hajin was established by the Government of Jammu & Kashmir in the year 2019. It was one among the fifty-two colleges established by vide Govt. order No: 48-HE of 2019, Dated: 05-02-2019. The foundation stone of the establishment was laid by Dr Asgar Hassan Samoon, the then Principal secretary to Government. Initially, the college started rendering its service from two-room makeshift accommodations, first at Govt. Hr. Sec. School Hajin and later migrated to four-room Govt. Middle School building, handed over to the college authorities by District Development Commissioner Bandipora, Mr. Shabaz Ahmad Mirza (KAS). It is here that the institute laid down the permanent stepping stones to formally announce its ever felt presence in the vicinity with an initial enrollment of just 35 students. It may further be affirmed that the area was amiably & collectively chosen to be the proposed site for college construction & later through relevant mutations, decrees & orders the surrounding land was successfully transferred to the Department of Higher Education for constructing the college in order to fulfill the long awaited demands of the general public.   

The coming-of-age account of this blooming institution is relatively recent but entirely enticing and enormously acknowledging. The college stands recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC) under section 2(F) of the UGC Act, 1956 Dated 29 April, 2022. It is affiliated with the University of Kashmir, Hazratbal Srinagar vide affiliation No. F (TFSub-GDC-Hajin CDC/KU/21/63 Dated September 14, 2021. It is the premier institute of higher learning in the Hajin area, located in the heart of the main town on the banks of the picturesque river Jhelum. The college offers compelling courses in Arts, Humanities and Social sciences to catch up the fancy of young men & women of this multi-lingual locality. The college aims to build harmony and create polyphony of divergent voices in its tranquil campus, surrounded by the scattering shadows of nearby willow trees, stretching in and around the margins of the river, bringing the mystique cymbals of the southern breeze extending the empire of happy gleam onto the shore of silently singing waters of Wullar Lake. This calm and serene environment of the campus provides a soul soothing and scintillating experience to the students. It offers a perfect space to learn, relax and explore self as well as society by the pursuit of creative & critical thinking.

There’s so much to see and do in and around the campus - it is home to the hive of indoor & outdoor activities ranging from seminars to speeches, debates to discussions, extension lectures to inducing listening skills, painting competitions to singing sessions, NSS activism to yoga rehearsals. Similarly, the outdoor activities like inter-district sports tournaments, road races, history tours, picnics and different drives related to Earth, Environment and AIDS are aimed to explore and instruct the contemporary people through different contours of informal education.

The college administration is continuously working with zeal and zest to nurture the talent of youth living across the edges of the Hajin town- the blessed land of poets, saints and sages- an immemorial abode of legendary figures- Moulana Sidiq-Uallah, Wahab Parray Hajini, Mufti Abdul Rasheed and renowned scholar Prof. Mohi-Ud-Din Hajini along with other Sahitya Academy award winners of the recent past. We earnestly invite our students to come forward and sail with us into the sublime realms of imagination and construct an alternate world of immense opportunities.

We are here to announce readers our past achievements, affirm future commitments and aspire to reach new heights through goal oriented courses of study and life sustaining skills. To roll around and speak about past, the newly established campus swiftly spread its wings and widened its gyre towards multiple margins- academics, resources and facilities. The well qualified faculty under the exemplary influence of visionary leadership work day and night to promote academic excellence in the institution.

A glimpse of services & facilities made available over the short period of time tune-up the mission entrusted upon us. To begin with, the college hosts a spacious library with multiple rows of books, covering over 5000 titles on different subjects, diverse e-resources, and an archive of local and national magazines. There are further evolving spaces to safeguard student interests- reading space, press & printing sections. The IT lab, Study spaces, the mini-meeting hall, seminar hall and browsing centre are the focus of attraction for the students. The rehearsal and feeding rooms, dispensary and examination-cum-admission section help in rendering affordable and easy maneuver of essential services. Similarly, the cutting edge smart classrooms equipped with modern gadgets not only enhance the impact of teaching learning process but also ensures easy student accesses to their course-related material resources. In addition, the campus is crowded with evergreen plants and flowers of different colours. The college has two smart standing kitchens, two guest rooms, two faculty rooms and one principal chamber to address the issues of staff & student community. The building is having 4 separate washroom blocks with 24 hour water supply. The Wi-Fi connectivity via dedicated Jio Fiber enabling adhaar based online attendance of entire staff, purified hot & cold water, un-interrupted electricity through solar panels as well as 30m KV Honda Genset and a complete panopticon gaze over 8 acres campus land through 12 high definition installed cameras compliment the college administrative step towards strict surveillance for maintaining student safety & security measures.